Welcome to Cadfor

Welcome to the website of Rod Hoare and Helena Warren. We live at “Cadfor” at Binda near Crookwell on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia.

We run an equestrian business and breed Murray Grey cattle on the property. Details of these enterprises can be accessed from this home page. On this page you can also find out more about us, our weather and also our contact details.

We are committed to our animals their health and welfare. We believe that if you own animals you have a very high duty of care because the animals are dependent on you. Rod was awarded Farmer of the Year in 2012 for the Animal Biosecurity category.

We also place great importance on the management of the farm to redress environmental damage that has occurred and at the same time to make the farm highly productive. Some details of the environmental programs we have been involved with will be accessed from this page.

Greenrock Creek June 2016 (4)

We are undertaking a project to restore our Greenrock Creek. Click for details.  Photo above shows the newly restored floodplain in flood June 2016.

We are easily reached from Sydney or the Southern Highlands being 60 km north of Goulburn, 15 km from Crookwell on the main road from Goulburn to Orange / Bathurst. We are also handy to Canberra. Details on how to contact us and to get to “Cadfor” can be found here.


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