Since farming at Binda we have generally calved our heifers at two years of age. However, in the past three years our heifers have done it a bit tough calving in spring after a difficult winter. Good summer rainfall has produced an abundance of feed into autumn but the quality of herbage has deteriorated so that protein and energy levels dropped.

The generally accepted mating weight is 360 kg or about 60% of mature weight but if seasons are not favourable heifers do not have enough condition to produce well, continue growing and also go back in calf. We have decided that because some of our cows mature at 700 kg we should mate at 420 kg, To reach this weight at 15 months we will need to monitor and feed our heifers better in their first winter.

We have also decided that we need to better monitor our heifers through their first pregnancy and supplement if necessary.

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