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We breed stud Murray Grey cattle on our 330 acres and teach horse riding. We have long term interests about agriculture, particularly cattle and horses.

Rod Hoare: “Because of my interest in animals and agriculture I applied for a cadetship to do veterinary science .  On graduation I was employed by NSW Department of Agriculture / Primary Industries in a variety of roles. Initially I worked in field and research aspects of disease control and then took a role as Director of Laboratories at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI). For ten years I was the State Equine Veterinary Officer. During the 2000 Olympics I was Quarantine Manager for SOCOG. During the Equine Influenza outbreak in 2007 I worked as an Industry Liaison Officer at Orange. In 2012 I was awarded the National Biosecurity Farmer of the Year.”

Helena Warren: “I am an Accredited Riding Instructor (NCAS Level 1G) with interests in eventing and dressage. Prior to coaching full time I was a Project Officer running field days for NSW DPI, based at Goulburn and before that I was involved in fertiliser field research and ran the Feeds Evaluation Service in the old Department of Agriculture.”

With our broad interests and expertise in agriculture we have enjoyed being full time on the farm and being able to use our knowledge in developing our farm and running our livestock.  “Cadfor” was a run down block when we bought it.  We have received much satisfaction building our house and developing infrastructure and pastures.  We have undertaken erosion control on our creeks and flood plain areas.

Helena has continued her interest in pasture research and is running field trials with the Tablelands Farming Systems (TFS) and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).

We are very proud of our cattle so if you are interested in some quality paddock reared Murray Greys at reasonable prices please check our cattle page.

Details on how to contact us and to get to “Cadfor” can be found in our Contact Us page

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Rod Hoare


Helena Warren