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Update August 2020

We did not have many bulls to sell this year.  There is only one left and this is under offer to a client.  We suggest that if you are wanting a bull in 12 months time you should let us know your requirements now.  This would greatly help our decisions when we decide which bull calves to keep entire this spring.

We are expecting to have a good selection of quality females available for sale within the next 6 months.  We will be selling some 2 year old heifers with a quality calf at foot plus some older cows.  Again, if you are in the market for some quality breeders, contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

At Cadfor Murray Greys we guarantee the quality of all the animals listed for sale.  We aim to provide our clients with bulls that will improve their herds and profitability. The bulls we offer have figures in the top 10% of the Murray Grey breed in at least one of the following areas: calving ease, growth, carcase attributes or financial indices.  Our bulls are scanned and independently assessed before being placed on our sales list.

In the Southern Tablelands most calving occurs in spring and most bull sales occur between August and November. This is the period during which we list our bulls for sale. Our herd now calves only in spring and therefore we offer our bulls for sale from about 12 months of age. We have had good results with these young bulls – what they lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm.  Bulls can be kept at Cadfor until they are required for joining at 15 months.  For further information on the use of yearling bulls click here.  Sometimes we have an older bull for sale which might have been used over heifers or as a backup after AI.

The sale bulls are tested free of Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA), as well as being DNA tested, sire verified and free of pestivirus persistent infection (PI). The bulls have been vaccinated with 7 in 1, Vibrovax and Pestigard.

The bulls are yard weaned and well handled before being reared on good pastures. They are not grain fed but provided with hay and a protein meal if conditions require it. Cadfor bulls are very quiet and are used to being handled on foot.

We provide full data on the animals we sell – pedigree, colour, birth date, birth weight, growth rate, weaning weight, scan data (EMA, fat and intramuscular fat), scrotal measurements, assessments of temperament, structure and prepuce.

Please contact us to inspect the animals in person. Visitors are most welcome.