Cadfor Weather

Being on the Southern Tablelands at an altitude of around 800 metres, “Cadfor” can get quite cold.  We get snow most years but generally it does not stay on the ground for long.  However, July 2015 was a notable exception when we had a heavy snow covering for a week and small remnant pockets for 2 weeks.

“Cadfor” is located just on the western side of the Great Dividing Range.  We are situated on two valleys with a ridge between.  Our valley floors receive heavy frosts any time between March and November.  We have recorded temperatures as low as -15C.   Pasture growth is minimal from May to August.  Our livestock have to be pretty hardy but most years we provide some supplementary feed through winter.

The annual average rainfall measured at Binda is 755 mm.  Historically the Crookwell / Binda area had a reliable winter and spring rainfall while summer was traditionally dry.  More recently the winter and spring rain has been less reliable but summer storms have become more frequent.  We have been fostering summer growing grasses such as paspalum to provide green feed in summer.  We had a very wet winter in 2016 which created managerial challenges.  The excellent spring produced a wonderful opportunity for fodder conservation.  The rainfall total for 2016 exceeded 1000 mm.

Weather records

We run a Davis weather station which updates every 5 minutes.

A summary of current and past Cadfor weather can be seen in this link which opens in a new tab,


Minus 12 degrees Celsius


Snow July 2015